Ok, this may seem like an obvious no no for some of those experienced users of webbing tree huggers and whoopie slings, but I have no experience with either and am contemplating this setup.

I am all about DIY and reusing material, etc. I have cut the seat belts out of a junk car that wasn't that old and are in good condition. I should be able to sew loops on each end and still have two 5-6 foot tree huggers for free.

Here goes the other half of my brainstorm. Can I just replace the biners and rope on my eno double with amsteel and leave 8-10 foot on each end to tie off to using the tree huggers and marlin spike hitch?

See, I'm thinking of not having any metal biners, or rings, etc. Just wrap the huggers around the tree, one loop through another, pull the amsteel through the one loop left over, and tie off using a marlin spike hitch (using an aluminum toggle for the MSH).

Is the amsteel too slippery to do this? I know I could just use a Whoopie sling and toggle with tree hugger as demonstrated in Grizz's video, but why waste time with the toggle on the hugger? Just run the permanently attached length of amsteel through the loop on the hugger and tie off with a spike hitch?

What do you think?