Hey everyone.... glad to have found this forum.... been spending the last few days reading posts. Lots of modifiers here.. I like that since i cant ever seem to leave anything UN modified

so i've had my HH explorer for a couple of years now and have suffered the numb bum.... got around that with a big agnes sleeping bag and isulated air core mattress (fits in the bag) I dont have an undercover or SS at this moment.

I'm not into hiking but i do canoe camping and dual sport motorcycle camping..... which both still follow the light is right philosphy.
I love getting off the ground....especially when we go canoe camping in the swamp (where the thorns have destroyed every air mattress) or dual sport camping in the woods where there just isnt any flat level ground

I love sleeping in the hammock!

however...... there was one thing that i didnt have an answer for until (hopefully) now... the slight claustrophobic-ness i experience at different times... mostly when i have the rain fly pulled down tight. I stumbled across the 2Q & ZQ zipper mod (and this website) in a hammock thread on ADV rider and as of this past thursday my hammock is on the way for a mod#2 right modification. I am hoping this mod will help me get my mind right for sleeping inside the hammock as i find it to be the most comfortable sleep i have ever had outdoors.....actually i never seem to have any problem going to sleep but sometimes i wake up and really feel a strong desire to get out of the hammock.. like i cant breath or something. I am hoping with this zipper mod i will be able to just swing the bug netting out of the way during those moments and everything will be all good. Or if it just doesnt bother me anymore because i "know" the zippers are there as i read happened for one fella.

for the reasonable amount of money to do the mod i figure it couldnt hurt to try it..

i now have a larger rain fly (kelty noahs tarp) to give me better rain coverage without having the fly right on the netting and since i now have an un used rain fly was wondering if anyone had ever converted the stock rain fly into an undercover?

One thing i do know for sure is that i will exhaust every option before giving in and going back to ground again.

I noticed there are a few people from NC that are active here i might have to come check out one of your hangs.

thanks for the great forum i look forward to picking everyone's brain while i fine tune my rig.