I only mention this because we experienced monsoon like rains for a couple of days and my Claytor Jungle hammock stayed as dry as the proverbial bone. I was very pleasantly surprised. The water was pouring off that tarp like a river. I've also switched from the ring system to the CC buckles and haven't looked back. Headchange4u was kind enough to send me a set of buckles and attachment straps for the mere cost of shipping. Here's a public shout out for that kind gesture. I greatly prefer the buckles over the rings. There are zero concerns with slippage and since I don't have a ridgeline I have no problems creating enough slack to loosen them. There's no need to tie a security knot as some are doing to backup the rings. Water dripped to the ground right where the buckles attached. I'm also using biners for attaching the strap around the tree which allows the entire system to remail intact. It is truly a sweet system. I had to drag my ground dwelling friends out of there so I could go to sleep at night. Oh yeah.....I slept like a baby.