Hey guys,
Need to put this past the experts. I've got some problems with one
silny hammock tarp. Its the HH original tarp that came with a couple year
old ULBA. It is something I loan out to friends who want to try the whole
hammock thing, as a result it has seen more use than any of my other gear.
It has been set up for backyard testing for about 2 weeks, exposed to
full sun. Last night we had a killer rain, and water was not so much dripping
as 'misting' through the material.

Does silnylon have a limited life expectancy?
Just what defines 'too much sun exposure'?
Is there any way to restore water resistance to sil?
I have also had a similar problem with some old heavily used silnylon drybags
that have been seam sealed repeatedly. The fabric is failing in the same way.
The bags have had a few years of very heavy abuse.