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    Quote Originally Posted by Latherdome View Post
    We're still touching up some loose ends in the documentation and photos department, but you heard it here first:

    Tensa Solo is now shipping. Along with conversion kits for Tensa4, so you can have the best of both worlds:

    As explained on site, Tensa Solo is a much lighter, more compact, and economical hanging solution than Tensa4. The downside is that you must be able to anchor firmly to ground, as the guylines come under much higher tension than in Tensa4. Tensa Solo uses the same keyed tubing as Tensa4 for the lower, largest 4 segments, with a new smaller 5th size used as a tarp extension.

    If you travel with Tensa4 and Solo conversion kit(s), you can decide last minute based on distance to camp and ground conditions whether to set up Tensa4 or Solo, Solo being easily backpackable. If you expect to find only 1 good tree or rock feature, or maybe a stout woody shrub upslope, you can carry only one Solo with anchors and lines, under 3lbs.

    We hope that between these 2 products, you can forget all about a redundant terrestrial sleeping system just in case The Man tries to ground you, or perhaps you're west of the Mississippi, where trees just aren't the sure thing they are east, as anybody can see from space. That's our mission: thwart The Man, solve problems visible from space.
    Yes! I want that Tensa4 to Tensa Solo Conversion kit!

    Do you have any pictures/videos on the Tensa Solo hang?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasidi View Post
    Yes! I want that Tensa4 to Tensa Solo Conversion kit!

    Do you have any pictures/videos on the Tensa Solo hang?
    No good photos of current setup beyond what’s on site. We can ship functional product today but enough details are changing for production efficiency reasons that we’re a little hesitant to document ephemeral details.

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    Tensa Outdoor, LLC, maker of the Tensa4 tensahedron hammock stand, and the Tensa Solo ultralight flavor too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latherdome View Post
    Re touching up the holes, a twist with a screwdriver suffices to remove/smooth out any micron-level tightness. File/drill overkill. Next production we've enlarged the holes a hair. Downside is this will create a tiny bit more jiggle, but should eliminate more problems.

    Not using the head tether?!?! You daredevil! Watch out or you're likely to be catapulted into the next county, right as you're nodding off.

    Re no UCR for head tether: we wanted to use lighter line than Amsteel to convey that the head tether is not meant to be a heavy load-bearing line, instead only a light taco insurance policy. That lighter line is harder to splice either into a UCR or even fixed loop, and since it is not meant to be tightened up anyway, leaving it loose lets the user tie any old loose knot, leaving the tether a bit slack.

    If this all seems a bit too much social engineering, we agree. We plan a transition to a different line/connector scheme. What's shipping now is frankly a bottleneck in our production process, and UCRs are an ultralight solution in a non-ultralight product that, while elegant, is not familiar enough to civilians to be the best default. Can't say more now: still being worked out.

    Re buzz: it's been amazing. This and the main Tensahedron Stand thread seem to have racked up a higher view count and posting rate than most anything comparable over the last year.
    Looking forward to seeing this new solutions. I agree that UCRs can befuddle the uninitiated.
    Got mine set up now in the back 40 with the Dynafly......sassy!
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