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    Tensa Outdoor and the commercial packable tensahedron stand

    Quote Originally Posted by Latherdome View Post
    There are lots of cheap DIY flavors out there that break down, just not as small or light as ours. We'll soon publish a DIY guide that condenses/curates the overwhelming main Tensahedron thread, obscure corners of Facebook, and other places people are sharing DIY efforts. For example, 10' swaged steel fence top rails chop in half to 5' lengths that reassemble easily, and 4 of them cost much less than our stand.

    Yes, the complication of getting it to pack small and light(ish) is behind the cost. We did some analysis early on and concluded that we can't compete with Home Depot and the like in shipping cheap heavy poles. Literally the shipping costs throughout the production and fulfillment cycle add up to the point of commercial non-viability *unless* the end product packs much smaller and lighter than what DIYers can easily pull off.
    Iíve been using your Tensahedron all summer camping off the back of my FJR. I couldnít be happier. This was easily the best investment Iíve made for Motorcycle camping.

    Now I can hang in locations without treeís. Living in the desert, this happens way more then you could imagine. Big Bend, Chaco Canyon, White Sands are just a few locations Iíve hung this summer.

    If Iím going to use a heavier stand, Iím not on my bike and I can carry anything I want in my truck.. the Tensa Outdoor stand excels At what I need it for...

    Thanks Latherdome are Raftingtigger, in my opinion. You have a fantastic product...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FJRpilot View Post
    Thanks Latherdome are Raftingtigger, in my opinion. You have a fantastic product...
    Aw, Shucks. Thanks FJRpilot. It is that kind of sentiment that makes all the work we have been doing worthwhile.
    Come check out the new NoGround Trekking pole to hammock stand conversion at or0 or email at and the new Tensa4 tensahedron stand at and

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