Just wanted to introduce myself, My name is Jared ( Cranky Bear ) 33yrs old live in Maryland and I am a new convert!!! I have been camping pretty much all my life and I have NEVER got a good nights sleep on the ground so I got meself a Hammock, its a HH Hyperlite that I got from the Odds and Ends sale (if thats what you call it) I have had it for about 2-3months got it with the super small tarp that it comes with but that was change a week after I got it and now I have the 30D hex and man that thing is huge!!! I have changed the suspension over to a ring buckle n webbing from strapworks. I was lurking around hammockforums.net for a while and its like a disease I got sucked up and I'm LOVIN IT. I have a Golite Ultra 20 TQ that I had to send back to them cause it felt like a couple chambers had little to no down in them so we shall see what I get back from them. I currently have no UQ I do have a GG thinlight pad (the wide one) and have yet to cut it down to the needed size (whatever that may be) I might have a UQ made by my girlfriends mother but thats another story, I am looking at buying one from stormcrow and have sent him a message so will see how that turns out! (not a hole lot of funds left). Currently I work for a Fire Department as a Paramedic/Firefighter and myself and one of the guys on my shift are section hiking the AT we have already done the MD/WVA section and we are going back out in April to start the VA section, with some GREAT nights sleep ahead. Thank you all for the passing of the disease known as "Hanger syndrome".

Cranky Bear