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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyroler Holzhacker View Post
    I guess the insulation augmentation totally depends on the humidity, your BMI/metabolism, etc. I mostly camp in the humid east coast, and sleep on the warm side
    Yes, and really the only way to know for sure is to test and test again. I'm with you as far as humidity goes as I'm in the SE and the only time we have not humidity is in the dead of winter when the temps drop to the teens. After testing I personally prefer breathable quilts and all the air movement I can find.

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    You can add a VBL in the testing. Below freezing that is.
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    Stayed very warm down to 28 degrees using a ccf blue pad in between my dutch double layer, 40 degree uq. 40 degree top quilt and costco down throw dyi tq. Midweight merino wool undies. I had loaned out my 20 quilts to a friend to use on the trip. Camped along a river and no moisture issues. stayed 3 nights.

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