I have lots of little alpine fishing things that are eager to find mountain trout. Package will include a couple spinners, some flies, bubbles, stuff like that. Here are the rules:

1. You got to actually want to use the stuff. Please don't claim it if it's just going to go in the big box of misc gear that we all have somewhere in our gear closets. I'm getting rid of these because they're meant to be fished and used - not stored in someone else's unused gear pile.

2. You should gather a few small items you no longer use - they don't have to be new, but shouldn't be trash either. Post a thread or reply to this one and keep it going. We all have little things we've outgrown, lightened up, or no longer use. Somebody out there will use them and be happy with them!

3. No money changes hands. Not for the items. Not for shipping. The point of this is to get unused gear used and spread some goodwill around!

That said, first reply willing to keep it going gets it!