Well, the soldering gun works.

I set about making a Deluxe Tree Strap Bag from the pattern Jellyfish has provided. It turned out ok but not great. I used scrap to make it and the polyester was freying all over the place while I was trying to work with it so I started a second one and used the soldering gun to cut everything with a sealed edge. With the steel table top and an aluminium stright edge the heat was bleeding off pretty quick. I had to turn the gun all the way up to maintain a clean cut. Luckily there were no fires! I was able to cut two layers at a time and it pulled apart pretty cleanly. The parts came out much better and I already know the second pouch will be far better than the first.

I got some zippers from the fabric store (50% sale so I got some stuff to play with), These already have the ends and end stops on them. The length is slightly shorter than the one required in the pattern so I reduced the pattern size by 15% to get it to work. The bag will be slightly smaller but I think it will still be good. I need to remember to adjust my seam allowances accordingly.

This is great and I will be making Tree Strap pouches until I master them, Then I want to find a Blackbird knockoff pattern to try a hammock a little better than a simple rectangle gathered end hammock.

Thanks again everyone!