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    grey corner tabs face down,, couldn't see any of those details in the pic though. i've set up an oes once and found it needed similar tensioning, at least the one i set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    grey corner tabs face down
    Brandon, are you saying the grey tab on the doors should hook to the ridge tab ring and the black tab hook at the bottom corner tie-out ring? I lost my instruction sheet but when I set up my tarp last weekend I had a small gap at the bottom corners where the door didn't quite line up. I thought I had it wrong so I hooked the grey tab at the ridge and it lined up better and eliminated the gap. If the black tab is supposed to go at the top maybe I had my doors backwards then?

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    the grey tab should hook to the corner near the ground, the black tab should hook to the rl tab

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavscout View Post
    (snip) It's probably a given that from here on out this tarp will have a full ridge line when used. I'll just use the ridge tie outs with a prussic knot to keep it from sagging to the center a la photo 2.
    Thats what I do-I use a full ridgeline no matter what time of year, and use prussik knots to keep it tight. Has worked for me so far-but, I dont do winter camping anymore, so I dont have any first hand experience with snow loads on the tarp I use. On my BD megamid, now, THATS another story...

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    Just thought I'd update here.

    I swapped to a full ridgeline for the tarp.
    And tried the new setup this weekend at HotSprings. Unfortunately, the prussiks wouldn't hold on the slippery line.

    But today, I added another wrap to the prussiks and it held great. And taking Brandon's advice, I cranked everything down a little tighter.
    Even when setting up in the winds of an approaching storm, the tarp didn't deform.

    In this pic, the prussiks and the ridgeline still weren't optimized. Just after this pic, I fiddled and retied for an even better pitch.
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