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    Wiggy Bags?

    Now for an inquiry about the other end of the spectrum from BMW Cocoons. Yes, I know his stuff is way too heavy and bulky for you (us) gram weenies to even consider. But does anybody here have any experience withy Wiggy bags? Maybe from your past lives as ground dwellers and monster load packers? Or have you heard some of your friends who used them comment on them?

    Yes, they are significantly heavier and bulkier than most bags at their rated temp, even other synthetic bags. And not to even mention quilts! But there seem to be a lot of owners out there who swear by them. I have not yet read of anybody being cold in them, anywhere near their temp rating or somewhat lower, no matter what the degree of bag and user wetness, which sometimes included total soaking! (I can't say the same for reviews of- or even my personal experience with- my NF Cat's Meow Endurance, even when dry!) There is something to be said for that kind of security when you are a couple of days hike from the nearest trailhead.

    Another reason I find them so interesting is the lifetime warranty on any aspect of the bag, including loft! Oh, and that he says you can store the bag in a compression stuff sack forever, and wash it endlesly, while still maintaining the lifetime warranty on loft. In fact, he encourages you to wash it frequently to actually increase loft a tad compared to new.

    And why do I find that so interesting and attractive? Because I am the proud owner of a couple of NF synthetic bags. PG 3d and delta. Bags that have seen no more than a couple of weeks total use each during the 5 or so years I have owned them. Bags that have been babied by me, never stuffed for more than 8 hrs at a time, except maybe as long as 16 hours while flying across the country to get to the hiking destination. Always stored hanging from the foot loops, taking up the entire closet. I would say those bags have abot between 1/2 and 3/4 ( at most ) of their original loft. They have NOT, however, lost any of their weight!

    Anyway, has anybody here ever had any experience with old Mr.Wiggy's Lamilite products?

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