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    There are definitely some sewing shops that I refuse to visit. Generally I only buy stuff at the Walmart craft area if I'm looking for something pretty common and inexpensive, NOT for sewing fabric or supplies. The JoAnn's here is descent for picking up crafting supplies where I know what I need. Stuff like the Polar Fleece for our indoor underquilts, and other similar stuff. Not a place I look for knowledgeable employees, as I probably have more experience than most (and that isn't say much). I really miss the Hancock Fabrics we used to have in town. The manager at that store was really helpful and knew her stuff, she helped me figure out some issues with my Janome Sewing machine that had suddenly sprouted tension issues.

    There are quite a few quilt shops in town, but I probably only willingly walk into about half of them. One store has a high tendency to be rude and/or hard to find someone to assist and are just plain expensive. A couple others are fine but don't carry the types of colors/prints that interest me. The few I do frequent are very friendly and helpful and have a great fabric selection.

    I haven't even bothered to try finding hammock camping supplies locally. I know it's a lost cause based on past experience.

    There's also at least one sewing/vacuum shop (always amuses me to see these paired) and it's descent but not a frequent place I visit. They are very helpful at trying to sell you what they have, but are less inclined to point you to alternative options that they don't carry. I plan to buy my long arm sewing machine from them in a few years, simply because they happen to carry the brand/model that I want.

    So around here it's definitely a mixed bag.

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    “There's also at least one sewing/vacuum shop”. It is funny but there is one of these shops nearby that I think I would go to if I needed a repair. I went there a while back for a part for a vacuum cleaner and they were great. An old shop that looks like it hasn’t changed in 50 years, kind of messy, but looks like they know what they are doing. I don’t think I would buy a new machine. I was using the machine my wife got as a teenager and now my my mom gave me hers from the 60’s which has a table. The difference in quality vs the new ones in the stores is significant unless you want the electronics. And now when my wife talks about my sewing at family events, elderly relatives (on both sides of the family) seem to want to give us theirs. Plus now that I am sensitized I see really beautiful vintage machines with tables at garage sales for cheap too. They look hardly used. People have them and don’t know what to do with them. They are on the same level as tube TVs.

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    Guys, Im glad it isnt just me. I was sorta torn about posting thinking I might just be the problem.LOL Glad to know Im not.

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    Our local "Sew and Vac" closed years ago,, only place local that does "repairs" is a quilt/sewing shop.
    I have a few 60's era machines I got for free that never have been serviced and wanted it gone over/tuned up. - $90.00 for a basic tuneup/lube.
    They were not rude, but I am thinking I am not their target customer - someone who finds old machines for free and buys his supplies online.


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    If I had more of an entrepreneurial spirit, I would see this as a golden opportunity to develop a new cottage industry. The MYOG community is growing, more guys are getting into "Thread Injecting", people in general are tired of the disposable economy. Be the person you'd want to meet in a store like this. Cater to the lower end machines, and even have repair seminars.... think of the business that would pour through the door. Hmmmmm.

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    I have found this to be the case in Alberta Canada also. I was almost shamed for wanting the Emerald 118 Jellyfish recommends.

    As mentioned, I was being steered towards a $4000 industrial machine even after saying it would be for occasional hobby use on what can be considered among the thinnest, lightest materials on the planet.....

    My GF tried to get the husqvarna walking foot and was told they don't make one......

    The fabric stores on the other hand do carry a lot of accessories and although they don't have the fabrics we commonly use They still have lots of fabric we can make use of for a large variety of items.

    I've resigned myself to online ordering of anything for my machine. The local brick and mortar shops will have to find someone else to buy their goods.


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