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    Mine just snapped too... Lounging the backyard reading a book and POP!

    Has anyone talked to Tom about this yet? what'd he say?


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    I was playing with a ridgeline on my home-made TerceiroVisionSupraCloneMax and, just for kicks, intentionally cut my own ridgeline while laying in it. It was under a lot of pressure, but except for a jolt, nothing much happened.

    Except for the surprise (and potential whip across the face) has anyone had any actual damage from their ridgeline breaking? Is it protecting the stretch in your bug net?
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    I cut my ridgeline myself. After reading where others did that in order to detach the ridge line, I decided to cut mine.

    I used one of these separating key rings to reconnect the ridge line. Works great. I can disconnect and reconnect in a snap.

    Haven't had any problems with it yet. Pretty light also.

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    I called Hennessy today after mine snapped but got Voicemail, left a message.

    I'll let you know what they recommend as soon as I get the callback.

    In the mean time, I ran down to the local marine supply shop and grabbed a length of some braided line they sold and retied my ridgeline.. I just tied to the loops formed in the original line for the time being, but I know that I'll always be wondering when the loops will fail again.

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    The fellow from my church that bought one last year as his first hammock had a problem with his ridgeline breaking as well after less than a year of use (he camps maybe two weekends a month). I helped him replace his with an adjustable ridgeline. He is much happier with that.

    He is seriously considering giving the HH to his son and going with a top-loader because he doesn't like the entry system and not being able to do away with the bugnet when he doesn't need it.

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    i can't imagine those breaking so often if they were indeed spectra.

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    One thing will surely cause that line to break: chafe. A careful inspection should reveal whether that's the cause.

    Looking at the picture provided earlier, that knot does have one place where it will chafe itself under load.

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    Ouachita Hiker here. I am new to the forums but this is a subject that I am well familiar with. About three years ago i bought two HH EX. Asyms. One for my wife and I. I strung one up and set down on, like a seat, and the ridge line broke. Bought it from REI and they replaced it. The second ones ridge line broke back in Nov. on a Bping trip. This time my wife was in it and the ridge line slaped her face and left a welp. I think the cause, at least in my case, was that they were strung up to taunt. I sent the second one back to REI and they gave me credit.
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    On the two times that your ridgeline snapped:Were you using any kind of tightening devices, such as a hitch craft or cinch buckle, etc.? Or did you just hang the Hennessy hammock in the manufacturer's suggested method, using all of the stock tree huggers and rope and such?

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    [QUOTE=ouachita hiker;51484]Hello,

    . This time my wife was in it and the ridge line slaped her face and left a welp.

    What did you do with the puppy?

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