Gíday Fellas.

My names Steve and I live in Brisbane Australia . Iím very new to this hanging business. Iím originally from over the West and used to 4x4 ,camp and fish around Oz a lot. Mind you I needed a ute to carry everything. I found your site awhile ago while looking around ADVrider preparing for a ride around Oz on my bike. Basically I did everything wrong as far as hammocking is concerned. I had a quick look then bought a HH and without setting it up, off I went. Luckily with the rest of my camping gear. The first night was a shocker and I froze. Now the temps were nothing compared to you guys but bad enough for me to send it home the very next day. To be honest I havenít looked at it since. Preferring to tent or swag it instead.

Iím away at work at the moment and looked in on your forum again. There are forums and then there are forums.... This is a beauty. So much enthusiasm and information I keep coming back. So much so Iíve put in an order for Warbonnet Hammock, UQ and tarp. A big out lay for me but hopefully this time Iíll be right.

Please donít think Iím having a go at the HH. Not at all only my lack of knowledge.

Cheers Steve