HAHA Greenlespaul, I cracked up when I heard my shout out, that was really funny. I dident even remember saying that simply bc of what Pizza mentiones, I just looped it to the gathered ends of my hammock. Although Stormcrow did say he sent me a suprise with my burrow in the PM he sent me, it was funny bc up till now I really had no clue what it was, so now im wondering what it is . Storm Crow does make an excellent UQ and TQ taboot. I got his winter ptarmigan and the thing is just warm as a hot fuge sunday (if you use it right which I did not the first night its important to cinch it tight against the hammock to reduce any air flow from underneath). I also found that the cord lock did not work for me the first night causing it to sag so the second night I just tied a loop right above the lock and it worked perfectly. Im gonna leave the lock on because I think it will help keep the UQ taught while im tying the UQ tight against the Hammock. The one thing I would have to disagree with is that I did use a 1/4 ccf pad and extra insulation for my feet both nights in the same temps because my feet get very cold. I am also a VERY cold sleeper so for me it worked. But my body was warm and I do love how wide it is and how it forms so well up and over your shoulders. The channels on the side make adjusting so easy and like Greenlespaul said their isent much if anything not wonderful about this quilt. Once I get my burrow back, and this snow melts, look for a winter ptarmigan,, burrow TQ paired review. Great video Greenlespaul really enjoyed it and you covered all the key point and great features about this quilt. Hope the back is feeling better (or your getting thing sorted out easier) and things are going well with the fam