I was fortunate enough to make it out for a night of camping at the nordhouse wilderness with my friend and my dog. We arrived Saturday morning and hiked in for a couple miles and found a nice spot. After setting up camp and gathering a nights worth of wood we set out on a little hike to lake michigan. The weather was pretty mild...high around 30 and lows got down around 20. It was quite breezy but we found a pretty protected site. This is my second time out at nordhouse and I will definitely be going back.

Just thought I'd share some pics...

Thanks for looking.

I really want to plug one piece of gear that I am still amazed by every time I use it. It's so small and light and cuts so fast. It fits in a tobacco sized tin and you don't even need to bring the plastic handles (i just use sticks as handles)

Behold the pocket chainsaw:

Check it out here: http://www.pocketchainsaw.com/

They're even made in Michigan!