Hello everybody, I am teacher of design and in my spare time I fly fish, ride bicycles, hike and nordic walk.
I stumbled across hammock camping about a week ago while researching light weight equipment to use on a long distance mountain bike trip. As I am rapidly approaching the half century mark the possibility of sleeping out without sleeping on the ground has immediate appeal. So, after watching all of Shug's you tube contributions as well as the suspension primers put up by Grizz, I cobbled together a hammock camping set up and headed off to the woods to try it out. I am now convinced that this the way to go.
As most of you probably know every last rock is owned by somebody in the UK, so any wild camping tends to be of the stealth variety, so I shall be putting together a suitbly camoflaged rig.
As my first contribution to the body of knowledge may I reccomend a fly fishing knot, the nail knot as a method of attaching paracord to shock cord. (just put nail knot into youtube and ytou will find a suitble demo). I did not see anybody on the vidieos using it so it might be new to you.
Cheers Macman.