Hi, I have been enjoying this forum. I have been hammock camping since the '70's, I grew up playing with my Dad's old canvas Navy hammock which I sometimes rigged up in the canopy of a small easily-climbable Elm tree in my yard when I was a kid.

In my 20's, I used a rope hammock as my full-time bed for nearly a year, attached to the wall studs.

Used a few different hammock/tarp setups when I was in scouts (27 years ago). Last went hammock camping ten years ago when I was at the Sturgis rally in SD, no bugs, no tarp, it was great. Now I have a Hammock Bliss hammock/Kelty tarp combo that should work good for me, plan on doing some trail camping with my dual-sport motorcycle this summer.

I like doing recreational tree climbing and have all the gear, cool to see the arborist influence on this forum as far as knots and ropes go.