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    AHE Store

    I am doing some mods to my girlfriends HH and man is it nice to be able to get everything you would need to do the job from one place! I know there are other places that you can get all of it and really its all the same (to some extent) and sorry not to exclude your stores but AHE was the top choice for me this time, I just wish that I knew about AHE when I was doing the mods to my hammock, but I didn't and getting all the stuff from different sources (all great gear/supplies) was a real pain, getting some one day then the next and the next, well you get the point. Also want to mention that I can ask alot of questions and ramble alot and Paul has really been very helpful and nice. THANKS AHE!!!!!!!!!!

    Cranky Bear

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    Thank You Cranky Bear! Already got most of it in the bag ready to go, May be able to get it all ready by the end of the day. Glad to be able to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgibson View Post
    Thank You Cranky Bear! Already got most of it in the bag ready to go, May be able to get it all ready by the end of the day. Glad to be able to help.
    That's awesome, you rock man, my GF is excited to get out and hang at MAHHA in april and I think that this will make it a little bit easier for her to hang then using the HH fig8 knots, not that there is anything wrong with the traditional HH method of hangin, she has a little problem with knots!

    Cranky Bear

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    Just got my order in the mail yesterday, cinch buckles and seatbelt webbing. Making some hammocks for friends and it's definitely nice to be able to get stuff at the same place!

    Another happy customer,
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