I'm pretty new to these forums and just getting back into backpacking after a 3-4 yr hiatus. in doing so, i like to support the home based businesses whenever possible and placed a small order with AHE about 10 days ago to check them out.

i was amazed how quickly my order showed up in the mail (ordered on a wednesday night and items arrived following tuesday - holiday on monday prevented receiving them then).

in setting up the single ridgeline last night for first time, i was WAY confused on how to get it right. i loved the idea of the multiple prussics and micro-carabiners provided in the kit BUT just couldn't figure out how to hang the line taut. so i rigged something up and sent an email to AHE via their web interface, expecting an answer early next week. this was on a friday night mind you.

bout 15-20 mins later, i got an email from paul and an invite to call him on his cell or for him to call me so he could explain it to me. wow! he took the time to go over the setup and even emailed a pic while we talked to clear up my confusion. he also took the time to explain in detail a few of the other products he carried and the differences between them.

HATS OFF to AHE & paul for such fine service!

LOVE his ridgeline setup and the ease at which it can be hung and the flexibility it gives to my tarp setup now vs. the stock tarp 'hang' with my HH.

thank you sir...... i will be back.