I am making the leap from CCF to a down UQ. I just bought one of Leigh's V2 2/3 length UQs from Hangnout. The quality appears very good and the small bulk and weight are definate advantages. I will be in the woods for two nights next weekend, so I will look forward to trying it out. I have played around mounting the UQ to the hammock in the garage but am not real sure if I have it right.

My confusion is on how to best hang the UQ from my WBBB. The UQ has line locs at each corner, and right now I have shock cord attached to those forming a loop at each end of the quilt. The loops are thenwrapped around the whipping knot where the WBBB is lashed together at each end of the rigging. In this method there isn't any shock cord run along the sides which have line loops sewn every foot or so. Do I have this rigged correctly? Are the loops along the sides for an alternate method (similar to the WB Yeti)? If anyone has the same UQ and has successfully rigged it to a WBBB please share your thoughts / advise.

Thanks in advance for the help!