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    Bridge Hammock Bugnet

    Well I finally got the bugnet 'working' after several attempts. It's kinda different from ones I've seen. I utilized the adjustable bottom system I mentioned in that other thread, but used bug netting instead. This is a net that is completely removable without taking the hammock down and it 'opens' kind of like a fighter jet
    Whoever did the frankenbivy....I understand! This is a close relative
    Oh and sewing netting blows!

    Netting doesn't photograph well but hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.

    I'm trying some new toggles but I'm still not sure about that. Here's a photo of the toggle of the two lines. The upper line is the ridgeline.

    In this photo you can see the end. Notice it's on the inside of the spreader bar. Also notice the 'adjustment' line is what holds the netting up, not the ridgeline. There is a small hole at the top where you feed the line through. If you disconnect the 'adjustment' line from the cordlock and pass it through the hole the bugnet can be taken down.

    Here's a wider view of the bugnet with the netting closed. Notice I can used the adjustable bottom to put a CCF pad in it.

    Here's a shot of the end. Notice two things here. The 'pocket' hanging of the end can be used to hold light objects. Also notice the sides. This is how the bugnetting stays in place. It's merely tucked in between the hammock and the underlayer.

    While inside you can push the bugnet open (like a fighter plane cockpit) to each end.

    So right now I'm just using string, net, and a cordlock. There is a lot of extra fabric on there right now because of the 'evolution' of the design
    I'm just using some cheap tulle right now to figure out how I want this thing to be. Oh and sewing netting blows

    To get in the hammock, you just spread the fabric open a little and get in as usual. I might break down and use velcro to seal the two middle ends shut instead of just overlaying them. It's a small inconvenience to 'tuck' the ends down after it's been opened but so far that's necessary to have the thing completely removable.
    If you think the netting might be too close around the bottom and sides, it isn't much of an issue. It's actually king of optimum because it's really close but not touching. Add to that the tucked in fabric, there isn't much worry of getting bitten through the fabric.

    I'm open to ideas to make this work better, especially the ones where you come over and sew the netting for me

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    Looks good. Looks like you spent a lot of time working it out. Sewing netting isn't so bad, at least the noseeum I've been working with is fairly easy to sew.

    Cool beans!

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    For a test/prototype of tulle, you might be best served by putting a suffficenly large length of dental floss in a yarn (or tapestry) needle, and just do a big ol' basting stitch (one or two stitches per inch) where the tulle needs to hold together. Yes, hand work takes a bit longer, but you spend way less time swearing at the snarled sewing machine- voice of experience here! Good luck, Betsy

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