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Just a thought. I use those same straps for my electric cords at work and they don't last to long before they won't hold anymore. Of course they get a lot more use on the job site then on a tarp.
Unless your setting up your tarp everyday, that is
Add in that some velcros will totally loose there fastening properties when they get wet also. I tried to replace the velcro on my watch band and almost the minute it was soaked the watch fell off.

How about a daisy chain of small loops. The first loop secured to the RL would loop under the tarp and back up to the RL, then the next loop would Pass thru the first loop and before looping under the tarp and back up to the ridge line...."rinse and repeat" all the way down the RL ending with a single toggle or prussic or whatever. Then to unfurl the tarp just release the first loop and the rest should fall out on their own.