Winter is almost over and this is the first chance I've had to spend any real time on the computer since receiving my Incubator UnderQuilt from StormCrow.

I was hoping to post before now but work interferes with life. ;-)
I am booked for the next 3 weeks, but hopefully I will have enough time then to post an actual review.

We have some clients coming in from the East coast to train in our Personal Defense / K9 CQC course, and because I sleep outside full-time they have all opted for "camping out" on the ranch with me instead of staying in hotels.
I've made provisions for everyone to sleep in hammocks but they are still bringing their expensive tents along "just in case."
One guy was a guide in Alaska, and all of them are experienced ground dwellers, so I sure hope they all experience the same comfort level that I have in a hammock, or I'll never hear the end of it!

I can give you the short version of my impressions of the Incubator right now though.

You should buy yourself one!

I've slept in the field every night since the end of November with my Incubator rigged underneath a Claytor No-Net hammock, and with just those two pieces of gear, I have never slept this comfortable outside during the winter months!

This is my first UQ, so when I placed my order I had no idea what extra options even existed, let alone which ones I would want.
I now know precisely what I want and NEED in my next UQ, and after spending some time on the phone with him, I'm quite confident that Adam understands my job specific requirements and can produce what I want.
I'm very pleased with my current UQ and can not wait until StormCrow makes my new Incubator with the modifications I require.
I am prematurely dubbing it my "Tactical Incubator", Ha!

Quality materials and workmanship, plus competitive pricing as well as excellent customer service make this UQ a good value!

Since I won't be able to post again for a while - I'd like to say that I also love my Winter-Dream tarp!
Like the Incubator, it makes my time outside during inclement weather more enjoyable by raising my comfort level!

Also, a big Thanks goes to Arrowhead Equipment for getting my order of Amsteel, tree straps and aluminum rings out to me so fast.
That's the suspension that's going on my clients' hammocks.
I hope they appreciate that!
Happy hammocking!