Hey ya'll, I was lookin' around on youtube one fine morning and I watched this video by this outrageous individual who calls himself Shug. Neat feller, great vids. He mentioned this site so I figured I'd check it out. Well, that was about three weeks ago and I've been hangin' out here since. I figured I'd make my introductions this morning seein' as how it's only right, should've done it when I joined. The polite thing and all ya know. So hey, I'm a 350# plus kinda guy and I love the outdoors. I'm sittin' way down here at the very southern tip of South Carolina, a little town called Beaufort. I'm hooked up with that group over at Bushcraft USA and I'm a Shug and a Tinny fan. Lookin' forward ta conversatin' with you folks and sharin' info. See ya in the threads.