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OK, this looks great! But, these are sewn on permanently, correct? So what would be the pros and cons of this vs the Griz Beak(GB)? Obviously, the beak is removable and can be left home entirely, or just one could be taken and added to the windward side as needed. So there might be a potential weight savings, I suppose.

But what are the advantages of this compared to the GB? Maybe more stable and wind proof? And, you would not have to bother to attach anything once in camp. Anything else? Stronger?
Originally for me I was kicking around getting a larger tarp for more coverage in rainy/windy conditions. As it turns out, the doors allow me to carry a smaller, lighter tarp and it still provides greater protection than the larger would have without the doors. I use my doors year round, it can get nasty in the warmer months also and the doors keep me dry with my stuff off the ground in the vestibule area.