I have seen the "Kafuri field Chair", and I liked the Jerry Chair development even better. I read about bonsaihiker's 3 in 1 Jerry Chair, I liked that too! I've borrowed from each and finally made my own chair/UQ combo.jerrychair1.jpg

My design is closer to the size of bonsaihiker's chair 47" long by 32 1/2" wide. I used a coated piece of black 1.9 nylon in the center for abraision resistance, and 1.1 nylon elswhere for lighter weight. I have shown it with the JRB poles that I carry for my bridge hammocks, although using them in this way voids the warrantee that JRB offers on the poles (of course hiking poles could also be used).jerrychair_flat.jpg

I have a single piece of insultex which has been folded to give triple thickness for 8" along each side, and just a single layer thick for the 15" in the middle. I threaded the elastic chord for UQ suspension yeti style, which is one continuous loop. A small ccf sit-pad tucks in to the provided sleeves just like Jerry's does.

As an UQ with temperature down to 34, it was not quite adequate. My butt and thighs got chilled towards morning, but I changed positions and went back to sleep. I slept in just cotton socks and breifs, so that the test of warmth would not be altered by supplemental insulation. Although my DIY hammock contains a layer of Insultex also, so this gave me two layers on the botton with four Insultex layers on the sides.jerrychair_quilt.jpg

The bonus of this configuration is when the suspension is pulled from the top and then stretched forward at waist level out from each side. I use the elastic chord from one of the end channels which has a loop on one end and a chord lock on the other. I pass one end through each side of the stretched suspension and simply put the cordlock through the loop to fasten it. jerrychair_suspension.jpg The effect is that the chair now wraps up along each side of the body giving great insulation to the entire back. It even stays conformed to the body when the legs are bent.jerrychair_seated.jpg

Total weight is 10.5 ounces which includes the suspension and the buttpad(but does not include the pole weight).