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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    If we don't take precaution hanging our hammocks, all the world's dogs might also suffer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalksInDark View Post
    It is funny that this issue came up now.

    My Bro and I like to "give a little" back to the trail, so almost every backpacking trip we leave something better than we found it.

    For example, one shelter had no place to hang gear, so rather than do the "quick and dirty" and install those pathetic little metal screw in hooks (that always seem to dig a hole in your head, or drop your wet gear on your sleeping bag: next time we were in the area, we brought sanded and cut to order dowel rods and installed them. Finding a great price on some rakes, we cut the handles off and left them by the firepits at shelters that needed them. Cleaning out fire pits, etc.

    One of the thoughts we had for ourselves and folks on the forum was to hook up with the Club that is responsible for a section of the AT and talk to them about putting a daisy chain of metal poles in so that hangers could choose between going native (in the woods) or going fast (using the poles). The idea of having only one center pole along with a number of outside poles is very attractive to me.

    Once we get the Nay or Yeah from our Club...then the problem of getting hammock hangers and materials volunteered so that we could actually implement the idea. Worst comes to worst, if the Club agrees, we could put in the center pole and one outside pole...and do the other outside poles as time/energy/money allows.

    What do you think?
    I think that is an excellent idea. From time-to-time I try to work with a local club that takes care of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail. I've been busy with sick family members the past two years, but if I ever get a chance to 'chew on someone's ear' about that idea...I will!

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    So I was out on a day hike last week and as I was coming out I came across a metropark worker. We started talking and I mentioned that I was a hammock backpacker. She was dumbfounded and had never heard of this option. About that time her "boss" came along and she told him about the hammocking. The first thing he says after saying he hadn't heard of such a thing was " how does that affect the trees? ". I explained that we use webbing and that distributes the forces lessening the chance of damage to the tree. Keep in mind the reason they were there was to do some cutting/thinning to make a play area and doing way more damage than any hammock ever did. My 1-2 nights of hanging is not going to do anything to the trees. Another hanger would have to come along immediately and put their straps in the same location over and over to do any harm to a tree. Ever notice the ground after tent camping for a few days? That damage to the vegetation rebounds and so will any slight bark ruboff. We just have to be good stewards and make sure rangers get the proper education whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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    Please check out the link below to show your love for hammocks!

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    I'm writing this before reading the whole thread, so it might have already been said.
    Why not put strips of CCF between the tree and tree huggers?
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    tree bark

    Warm Soda Your best source for information about tree bark would be John Zasada, Grand Rapids, MN. He is scheduled to give a class on Sustainable Harvest of Tree Bark at North House Folk School in Grand Marais,MN on June sixth.

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