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    Quote Originally Posted by OneClick View Post
    When I did the outside, I have to say, it was not ugly at all. You couldn't even tell. People must be making a mess with their finger or brush if that's the case. Otherwise, just lay down a thin trail of sealant like you're caulking a tub or whatever. Obviously it only needs to be about 2x wide as the thread. How wide is thread? Exactly.

    I don't have them with me or else I would take a photo to share.
    I would like to see photos of your technique and your results. Video would be even better.

    I dilute the sealer with mineral spirits for better penetration, so "caulking" is not an option for me since it's already out of tube. Even if I did have a means reload this runny, marginally viscous snot into some sort of an applicator, I doubt I personally have the skill to lay a laser-line bead of it that is only as wide as a thread, especially when I'm laid out over a 6-foot tautly pitched monster tarp panel trying to reach the ridge line without falling into it or dripping sealer anywhere I shouldn't.

    If you only lay down a bead of undiluted seam sealer as thick as thread, how to you get it to adhere and penetrate the thread holes without using a brush or secondary mechanical means of spreading? I'd be concerned that a tiny tubular bead like that would be vulnerable to breaking or rubbing off when a shear force is applied.
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    I use the tube, which allows you to cut just enough for a fine stream. I keep saying I'll get a pic when I see these threads, but never remember!
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