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Thread: Wind Protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlrocm View Post
    I should have mentioned that I tried out a single door that I bought for my tarp, and I found it only mildly effective for blocking wind. I think the tarp I own just isn't long enough on the sides to block the wind.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had success with an UQP with a smaller hex tarp (11 ft x 8ft ish) . something like a warbonnet minifly + uqp would be less weight than most winter tarps. I don't think a dyneema tarp is in the cards for me.
    Personally, I never found anything(EDIT: for wind protection) that quite matches the Hennessy Super Shelter even used with the tiny diamond tarp. The sil-nylon under cover totally blocks side ways wind or rain, and splash up. Once I got splash up onto my UQ even though it was under my 11X10 JRB tarp. I never had this happen to my HHSS, despite a stock tarp that always looks inadequate to me. I have slept in the high 30s/low 40s where the wind was coming right in the foot of the tarp and bouncing my hammock around all night, amd I never even felt it. I can actually rotate the UC so it is almost in contact with the small tarp on the windward side for even more wind block. If all that wasn't enough, there is an optional 3 oz top cover to block stuff that might get to your TQ.

    This would be similar to the UQP you are considering. It will work for sure. But one advantage to just getting a large enough tarp is having lots of living space under it. Even for social gatherings. So, pros and cons, but either approach will work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlrocm View Post
    I've considered this exact setup for the combination of light weight and full protection. I'm just not so sure I'd want to spend the $315 on a CF tarp with doors.
    I dunno - a 7.3 ounce tarp with a 5.4 ounce UQP? That just makes no sense to me. I'd rather spend money on a 4-season tarp.
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    Wind Protection

    Quote Originally Posted by SilvrSurfr View Post
    I dunno - a 7.3 ounce tarp with a 5.4 ounce UQP? That just makes no sense to me. I'd rather spend money on a 4-season tarp.
    So would I. But a winter tarp is probably going to exceed that weight (at least, the ones I've had did), and with those separate components you could still go lighter by leaving something home. I don't concern myself too much with UL, but there's some logic there if you do.
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