headchange asked for pictures of the pull out tabs on my tarp a while back. sorry it took so long
for any one interested, i really like this feature on my tarps.
the idea came from a ray way tarp. he instructed using round reinforcement tabs & i did, but my seamstress friend that helped me w/ the tarp said that was one of the parts of sewing the tarp she dis-liked most... having to rotate the tarp in a complete circle to sew the patches on.

so on my second tarp i used rectangles. much easier to sew on, but i believe the force was probably more evenly distributed on the circles. i have begun to see failure in the rectangles. but in all fairness i probably have pulled them tighter than necessary a few times. plus they been a pretty strong wind at least one night.

but never the less, i have a plan to do the pullouts on the next tarp a little different.
i'm going to put an extra seam (folded & sewn) on each side where the attachment points will be added. that should be pretty close to bomb proof.
i've noticed from this last tarp that i will also put the pull outs several inches further apart & several inches lower.
if any one's interested at some point, i can give some measurements.

NOTE... in fair weather i often hang the tarp so high & near flat, that i may not even use the pull outs... or maybe just on one side. but when the tarp needs to be pinched lower or steeper, the pull outs really open it up on the inside. ...tim