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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeHouse View Post
    I had bought a 3’x5’ sheet and cut a 13”x13” cloth for my smokehouse. The cloth weight is about 0.3 oz. You do not need the silicone ring. You will need to call them for the pricing. I paid $32. for a yard. They will cut and make whatever you want. The small TI stove has a input hole of 3”. Its hard to fill the box with 2” wood, but 1.5” with 1” works great. The heat is good for 2hrs but will actual last longer with damper closed.
    So a 1 ft^2 panel is about .3 ounces?? That's light! Or do you mean .3 oz / yd^2, which would be phenomenally light?

    Well, I wish I'd found something this light to begin with. Weight was the main objective of my DIY. I still plan on giving it a shot, though.. just to see how it turns out.

    I guess if the door is only 3", it'd be tough to get a "decent" thickness log in there. My old "portable" woodstove had a 5x8 door. If you "skinned" a log down, you could get a pretty square log in that'd burn for a Loooong time.

    Thanks, Smokehouse!
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