I am not really new to hammocks, I lived in South America for a couple of years and slept in a hammock for a while down there. I have also had one in my back yard on a stand for years. But I have to say, that joining the forum and seeing/hearing what you guys are doing with them has been a bit of a revelation.

So I made my first DIY gathered end hammocks (a light single layer for my 11 year old boy and a more heavy duty double layer for me.) Last night was my first "night out" in mine.

Here's the setup:
DIY double layer (1.1/1.7) hammock (Risk's Z-hammock style)
7/64 amsteel Utility constricters
tree huggers and marlin spike toggles (thanks Paul at AHE)
40* slumberjack bag (23 years old, it's the one I got when I joined the boy scouts many moons ago)
5/8 inch CCF pad 25x50 (not really a backpacking pad as it would not roll up very well but, a good test anyway.)
3/16 yoga mat 24x72
wool socks
pajama pants

Since I am a virtual noob (at least to the cold climate overnight) I was pretty worried about the cold. I laid the pad diagonally and slept great!. I moved off the pad (laying on the opposite diagonal) just to try it, and was freezing in just a couple of min I was surprised how much difference the pad actually makes. The weather station 4 blocks away says it got to 31* last night. I had no problem. Apparently I am a pretty warm sleeper. I did get up to "go" once in the night so I guess I must have been a little cool, but I was not uncomfortable at all.

Honestly after reading the forum for a while I was convinced that I would have to have an underquilt right away, for some summer camps this year. After last night I think I may be able to get away with CCF this summer.

For those of you worried about the 7/64 amsteel, I am about 255# and had Both of my 5 year olds and my 3 year old in the hammock with me, bouncing with no slippage! Each UCR has a 9 inch bury and the prusik to keep the tension on it.

I just want to thank everyone on the forum for your insight and enthusiasm.
I am convinced that this was the first night of many wonderful nights under the stars.

I will get some of the pics up shortly.