The design is finished and we are now ready to start taking payments for the Hammock Forums Custom Buff.

First off I want to thank pgibson for doing all the heavy lifting with this group buy, cavscout for coming up with the winning design, Cannibal for his help in getting the design polished and it's proper format, and everyone else for being so patient through this sometimes bumpy process.

The Group Buy for the Hammock Forum Buff is now closed. We are no longer accepting orders or taking payments.

The order has been submitted to Buff on 03-09-10. We were told that the manufacturing process will take estimated 5-6 weeks. The Buffs will then be shipped to Paul and then Paul will ship each order. The shipping and process of orders will probably take another couple of weeks. Right now we are looking at an ETA of approx. 8 weeks from the date the order was placed with Buff.

Updates will be given in this thread.

Big thanks to all of those who ordered.

May I present the final version of the Hammock Forums custom Buff: