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    WL Polyblend Tadpole tarp review

    This past weekend I got a chance to take the new polyblend Tadpole tarp out for an overnight test hang in the Sierra mountain range, and it has exceeded any and all expectations right out the gate. From the build quality to its very generous coverage, this tarp definitely gives you the best "bang for your buck" in the hex tarp market to date!

    The fabric used for this tarp (Scylla Fused 10d nylon & polyster) so far seems extremely durable, water tight, and very lightweight. In comparison to silnylon, it has a tad more of a shiny appearance to it and feels smoother to the touch. This is just my assumption, but I think this extremely smooth texture will help shed rain water that much easier. Also, as I've noticed, this tarp has little to no stretch to it. This combined with the cat cuts definitely aids in getting and keeping a more taut pitch.

    When I ordered the tarp, I decided to go with just grosgrain loops for all the tie-out points. This gave me a little room for some aftermarket modifications. After doing some research about tie-outs on Hammock Forums, I decided it'd be best (and easiest) to thread some 1" split rings onto the grosgrain loops. This should help extend the lifespan of the grosgrain loops, and it really just gives me some peace of mind. In addition to the split rings, I added shock cord loops to the corners to reduce stress on the tarp, and I opted to add a couple #1 mini S-biners from Nite Ize to the ridgeline for a quick & easy connection to the continuous ridgeline. This setup weighs in at 10.75 ounces on my scale (ridgeline not included), and it will pack down to the size of a softball in its stuff sack. To put it in perspective, this is less than half the weight and pack size of the 4 season silnylon tarp that I have.

    In all, I'm very happy with this tarp, and looking forward to many great nights with it! Many thanks to Wilderness Logics for an amazing piece of gear and excellent customer service! We'll see you down the trail.

    IMG_20180901_170134.jpg IMG_20180901_171640.jpg IMG_20180902_081826.jpg IMG_20180902_084725.jpg
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    Looks nice, thanks for the review!

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