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    Brushy lake weekend trip.

    My son and I went to check out the Brushy lake camp area in the Bankhead National forrest this weekend. Got there friday about noon after checking out some sights in the Sipsey wilderness and getting some good icecicle pictures at some waterfalls. Planned to stay just one night but my son enjoyed having a camp fire so much we stayed 2. Figured we would have the place to ourselves since it was supposed to be in the 20's both nights and the water was off but there was one campsite taken and later some others showed up. We had to look kinda hard to find a campsite that would accomidate 2 hammocks. Some had trees just the right distance apart but they were too big. Camp site 7 was just right. Another thing the campsites are graveled so my plastic stakes did'nt work so well FYI. First night the moon was so beautiful I slept with the tarp pulled back on one side and fell asleep watching the moon. Next night I didn't even bother with the tarp. The next day the place started to fill up, I think all the sites may have been taken by sat. evening. Saturday we went to check out the trail around the dam, we got to go to the Pine Torch Church and get some pictures also. I have'nt seen any other reports on This camp ground from a hammock camper so I wanted to let ya'll know you may have to look for just the right site for your set up and if you need stakes you might need to bring some metal ones. And if you take a tent you will need a good pad. BTw first night the thermometer in my truck said 24 this morning 27. Hope this may help someone who may be considering going here.

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    Sounds like a great weekend.

    I've been there several times and yeah, hanging tree's aren't that easy to find, but there are some more over in the very back section. And yeah, I needed big rocks to pound the stakes in too

    Thanks for the mental image of laying by the lake staring up at the moon ... aaahhhhh
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