Hello everyone,i just discovered this wonderful forum after looking for accessories for my newly acquired Clark NX-250 Woodland Camo hammock.
I got it last monday so,i havent set it up yet.

I'm new to the hammock world but i've been a serious hiker for close to 30 years now and i cant wait to go out and try this new way of sleeping.
My hiking buddy which is in his early 60's now,my next door neighbour,have been using Hennesy hammock for over 5 years now and i dont know why it took me so long to finally agree with him that i needed the change since arthritis is begin to set in nowadays and bunking on the ground is too cold and damp for me now,hence my switch from a traditional 2 man tent to a beautiful hammock,what a change!

To be honest with you all,i should have done the switch the same year my buddy did,he's 25 years older than me and he's been the one doing the coffee every single morning since he made the switch from the tent to the hammock. And that's over 5 years ago and a lot of pot of coffee,let me tell ya folks!
Every morning,not only my friend is feeling better after a good night sleep,he actually springs out of bed like he just laid down 30 minutes ago to take a little nap,he usually sleeps longer than i do also and he mostly,never wakes up,even when it's raining pretty hard,i dont know what i was thinking all those years!
So basically i'm an outdoor buff who spends over 120 days out camping every year during our 5 months season(i camp at my cabin site,thats why 120 days)but now with my NX-250 ,the Z-liner,thermarest neo-air,my 5 layer sleep bag system,i can camp all year round now,even where i live which is close to the 50th so we're pretty up there if you know what i mean.It gets down to -40C here without the wind so we need to be well equipped and for me,since i bought a new hammock to start my 40's fresh,well i just got the whole nine yards and spent a bundle up to now to renew all my gear that has served me well over the years but that it was time to retire because,well,it's time for them to fade away now.

I watched shug videos on you tube and the reunion you guys made last year.
I wish i had been there,you looked like a pretty good bunch of joyful folks who seems to genuinely likes the company of one another and thats cool.

Anyways,i just wanted to say I

Great forum and i'm glad to be on board from now on.

Cheers folks