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Thx Shug,if i could ask how was it decided that you meet up there last year?
Will you do it again this year?
I'm only about 4000km round trip from this national forest,that's very tempting
Seriously,if it's on an invitation basis only,i understand tho.
One more question,can you help me find someone that would invite me this year?
I would definitely consider being there to learn as much as i can from the guys that have tried and tested all the methods and tricks in the book.

If i dont drive there,i can certainly book a flight before then.

Gosh,i could learn in a week-end what most guys will take a decade to experience and that would be worth spending thousands just to gain that knowledge in that short amount of time.

Glad i finally made the switch,probably 20 years earlier would have been better but it's never too late to learn.
Thanks all
It just sorta happened ... think fin put it together. Everyone was welcome. Anyone willing to backpack. some hangs are campground, some walk in .... this one we hiked. That appeals to me.
Just stay vigilant on the section Hangouts, Campouts, and Trip Planning .