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    Hey guys, Brand new here. Funny thing I also picked up the same material at WM last night. I had no intention to make a hammock. But when I saw it. A light went off. I bought 9 Yrds. Now a couple of questions. What would be the weight capacity for a single layer versus a double layer? My thought was make 2 singles or one double. The left overs could be sewn together to make a nice tarp. Any tips or advice would be great before I go THUMP


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    It's definitely synthetic, as I heat seal the edges before sewing.
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    Mine has the larger threads of ripstop. Burning the frayed edges caused them to melt, so I'm thinking synthetic. RF, it probably is 2.5 oz. It's a little heavy but it doesn't bother me because I'm not a backpacker. I normally camp out of a pirogue and soon-to-be kayak I'm building.


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    I made my third dyi hammock out of this stuff. Have a double layer gathered end hammock. Yeah it's heavy "I call it sherman" But its the most durable feeling comfortable hammock made so far. First time i layed in it on an angle my body was flatter than i expected. After reading the question about how strong I layed inbetween the layers and bounced around not a problem "I'm 6'7'' 310". For the price It would make a great loner. Plus it looks vary vary cool. In my open-ion comfort and durablity out way weight. but what do i know?
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