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    Quote Originally Posted by spidennis View Post
    I got built in pockets on the end for the ridgeline tie out lines.
    I got a mirrored pocket on the other side for the side pull out lines.
    everything in it's place and easy to find, stow and deploy ....
    Wow! I love that concept. my talents are laking in the mechanical stich department , so I guess it will be a while before i can pull the pocket idea off.

    Try your hand at an instructional post in the DIY threads. Throw a note and link to it here and in the tarps area to for cross reference. Good stuff! We need pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailH4x View Post
    Try your hand at an instructional post in the DIY threads. Throw a note and link to it here and in the tarps area to for cross reference. Good stuff! We need pics!
    I'm not the guy too look for when it comes to pretty stitching, it's an absolute mess of knotted threads from various complications such as jamming or whatever. I spend more time rethreading than laying down stitches ! But in the end, all my/our concepts are working and that's good enough for me! pics are on the way soon .....

    dang it, now I'm out of thread .....
    my first roll of thread,
    some actually in my projects,
    but mostly in little pieces all over the floor!
    and my walmart doesn't have a fabric dept either .....
    grrrrrrrrrrrr ......
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    Quote Originally Posted by spidennis View Post
    I finally got myself a thread injector and started killing material via death by needle.
    my first project was converting my sb into a uq,
    then with that as practice I made these mods to the superfly making line pouches.

    I've been sewing all day .....
    and mostly just making a mess with thread going everywhere!
    ..... I had more jams and messes of knots .........
    but later I started to get some clean stitches going .....
    It's not as easy as it might all sound,
    and getting quality stitching is gonna take me awhile to figure out!
    but two of my projects are now done and ready for field testing!
    and later I'll get back onto my "Thunderbird" project,
    but that'll be after my 10-12 day kayak trip down the colorado river
    starting in austin texas and finishing in the gulf of mexico.

    i died laughing at the first sentance in this thread for about a 1/2 hour

    at least you got the b*lls to do it,,,, im going to try one day but im not ready yet,, i just got into hangin,,, but real funny thanks

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