So following the directions given on Just Jeff's site I just finished my very first DIY hammock. I gotta admit to feeling a little misty here. I mean it's nothing difficult, but that first one sure is nice to get out of the way.

So I found some Crimson Red ripstop and decided to give it a go! The stitches are FAAAAAAR from straight, but I'm pretty confident in their strength.

I decided to use the "W-whipping" method since I do like a bend in my knees when I sleep. I didn't like the way it felt. The center of the hammock had a very pronounced ridge and it was not comfortable. I decided to use a hybrid of W-whipping on the foot end and standard whipping on the head end. It works great. I get the benefit of the W "bump" and the flat lay of the standard whipping.

Here's a pic of the pockets the W makes:

Here's foot end when I'm lying on the diagonal:

I'm very excited! I've been out hanging in it for about an hour and had to come in just to tell someone. So consider yourselves told.