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    Ok here's the "what happened" info

    I did a test set up for a couple hours in a nearby park friday night. Temps in the low 40s. I noticed immediate heat once on SPE with the GG 1/4 pad and the neo air regular was used. I'm mean immediate, without my sleeping bag. Then my husband scott got the UQ attached. We struggled with it to get it up close to the bottom of the hammock. There seems to be a big gap along the length. Scott tighten it up alot, but still gap. What fixed it temporarily, was when he pulled the shock cord of the UQ and wrapped it over the edge of my neo air (over the outside of the hammock). hmmmm So we decided we will have to rig up something to lift the shock cord on each side, on each end, up to my tarp ridgeline. I run a full length ridgeline under my winter tarp. Anyways, that would solve it. That set up for sure will get me into the high 20s to low 30s.

    For the sat. trip, we made it 1.5 miles in to the first creek crossing which was smaller last year, and is now a 60 foot waist deep fast river. sheesh! we had to be in minimum 4 miles to be able to camp over night. So we goof around with our set ups and took a nap. Then hiked out. That evening the storm we expected was crazy, blowing snow and hail, then rain at an angle. I'm kind of glad we were not out in it.

    Scott was playing with his Eno and his new Ember. We notice on the Ember that there are huge pockets/gaps of air on the ends. Scott used an emergency blanket in between the Ember and the Hammock and was extremely warm. We then realized that we could use that area of space for his extra down clothing, and that would add even more insulation. We also discussed using this set up on the Clark, since it is also a banana hang, gathered end. I'm not excited about the weight of the Ember, but if that is all I'm using for bottom insulation, it may work. Still scheduling weekend trips, so we will get this all figured out.

    Thank you again for all your feedback. It was very helpful and encouraging.
    It's not the's the experience.


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    thanks for the after report, bad you missed out on being in that storm

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