Here is a very brief (sorry) report of my first hang.

It was in September '09 when my friend and I decided to go on a 2 day canoe trip on the Vltava river here in the Czech Republic.

We started off in a place called Zbraslav on the Southern edge Prague, paddled upstream to Vrane Nad Vltavou, portaged around the dam then up to a small island near Davle where the Sazava river meets the Vltava on the first day. We had a lovely dinner of chilli con carne and planned on having a little nip of single malt...

Our camp location -

On the second day we did the same trip in reverse going with the flow which was just as well as we were a little hungover after starting and finishing a bottle of Laphroaig between the two of us, added to the fact that we were a little achy after the previous days paddle.

So without further ado, on to the photos...

A misty morning ont he river - early AM day 1

Camp - mine is the one on the left

The beautiful Czech Republic - day 2 (it's not my homeland but it has a place in my heart after living here for 3 years)

More scenery

Wee cottages along the riverbanks

...and that's it, not many pics as I'm always a bit wary of a few K worth of DSLR going overboard

We're going on a 3 dayer later this month and I'll try to show you guys that too. Happy Hanging! Col