Hi all,
Great forum!

I've been hanging in my Southern California garage in front of the old tv for a while now. I haven't camped in 25 years or so, and have no equipment at all, save a hammock I got from a National Geographic website made in Bali.

A friend mentioned going camping this summer and I had an idea about hanging a tarp and the hammock with one single line and came online to see if anyone else had done it, and stumbled on this treasure trove of ideas. I hadn't begun to figure out how to deal with heat loss on the bottom yet, though I'd certainly noticed it.

You guys are so many steps ahead of me in imagining what to do with a hammock, but I am really enjoying soaking up all the great ideas here.

By the way my idea for single line hanging was basically running a line with two bulgy knots in it the approximate distance of the hammock apart and just hanging the hammock with S hooks at the knots. The line double backs to the origin to hang up a tarp. Never tried it by compared to what I've seen here seems kindygardenish.

If I can get the time, I may take a hammock to Yellowstone this summer for 3 days backpacking and 3 days canoe camping.

Still getting to know this site, but is there a thread on army surplus equipment? I have always been partial to it.