I am loving this site. I have been camping since I can remember. I live in Charleston, SC. I camp all over this beautiful state. A little over a year ago I got a ENO double nest for my birthday. I had no real intentions of really sleeping in it, just relaxing in the backyard. But a friend of mine said if he could help it he only slept in a hammock when camping. So the very next camping trip I took my hammock and a fly from my 3 man tent. I slept like a baby in pouring rain and howling wind the first night (dry by the way). The second night it was freakin' cold, but woke up feeling like a champ. Aside from not really knowing what I was doing as far as suspension and tarp rigging went, I became a hammock camper.

I never knew that I would find such a wealth of knowledge on this site.

Some friends and I are taking trip to Pisgah on Friday. A few of us are hangers and will be trying out some new suspension (whoopies) and ridgeline ideas.