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    2 quick question

    Hey Paul,

    2 quick questions:

    -Do you know when you'll have more of the orange AquaSimple filters available? I was about to buy one, but noticed that you are out of stock right now. I like the idea of a bright orange, I'm-not-going-to-lose-it filter.

    -Do you have any close-up pictures of the Bushman Chair? In particular, I'm interested in seeing how you attached the suspension to the sil. Did you use grossgrain, D-rings, or something else? I'm designing a somewhat similar DIY project (well, kind of) that I'm pretty pumped about.


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    I think I just got one orange bag in, I will double check that and update my site if I did.

    The Hammock chairs use a end chanel that is sewn into the fabric, then I pass a chain link trough and cinch it up, hook up a adjustable webbing suspension to it. I try to make it very simple to use and make.
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