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I think one time when I slept in my rain pants after eating a whole bunch of roasted garlic hummus I created a new eco-system based on methane gas. When I got home I found a whole bunch of sea monkeys that died as soon as they were exposed to fresh air and sunlight.
Dutch, you made me burn my lip on my coffee. You are one funny SOB!
I ate a whole jar of Greek Peppers with some homemade Tacos on my last overnighter of the summer. I had hung on a ridge near 6500' so the night was cold and windy, and I had my SB cinched over my face. Well at some point during the night, there was an emergency evacuation from the rear, and with the SB over my face, I "Dutch Ovened" myself summtin fierce!

As far as my sleep system goes, I change outta my hiking cothes into lite sweat pants and a cotton t-shirt, a synthetic balaclava, and a fur lined aviator's hat with the ear flaps clipped down. If it's going to be really cold (Shug don't laugh, California gets cold in winter... for us) I put on my thermal underroos. I usually wear a clean pair of socks because my feet get really cold, and any sweat will take the heat away. I also will bring my nalgene, with boiling water, to bed if it's really cold and have luke-warm water for breakfast when I wake up.

It's not perfect, but it works for now.