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So what do y'all think? Would you rather carry minimal worn insulation and a thicker TQ, or more worn insulation and a thinner TQ? Pros/cons of each?
in the winter, the less clothes i ware sleeping the warmer i feel. when i get to camp i setup, cook and jump in hammock. i strip down to briefs and wool hat (got a down one for this year). i put clothes under legs and feet to dry. this has got me down to -5. to cut weight for this winter i got the Rocky Mountain Sniveller w/ hood to replace my go-lite adrenaline and puff jacket.(2lb. savings). i'm sticking with the mt. wash 4 uq.

that being said. if i ever got cold i think i would put clothes over or under me, but not wear them.

am i alone on this?

at the winter hang i was cold around camp at nite. did better at the MAHHA. this type of camping is a different animal.