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    Pisgah National Forest Hike

    In the planning stages for a mid April trip in Pisgah National Forest. Being dropped off at Camp Daniel Boone and ending at Davidson River Campground so the Art Loeb Trail is going to be my main “route” north south. I know it’s only like 30 miles from end – to –end so I am looking for some suggestions on extending the trip out to like 6 days. Was thing about going into the Middle Prong Wilderness via the Fork Mountain Trail to Sunburst campground then up the Green Mountain Trail over to the MTS back to the Art Loeb Trail.
    Any suggestions, tips, gps points, water locations or words of advice will be greatly appreciated.

    This will also be my first “extended” trip using my Warbonnet BB

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    Make sure your dialed in with everything before leaving or close to your vehicle the first night if your not sure about setup and gear.

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    The "Art" is a great trail. There is ssooo... much to see and alot of really nice side trails accessable from it. (Sam Knob, Graveyard Fields, Devil's Courthouse, Looking Glass Rock, etc.).

    Like many others have said, water is a bit scarce in the Shining Rock Wilderness area, although with as much snow as we've had this winter I'd tend to think that it'll be more readily available than in the past.
    Around Shining Rock there is an area where about 5 trails converge and it can be a little confusing, so have a map and compass & GPS if you have one.

    I'm wanting to do the trail from Davidson River to DB scoutcamp sometime this year & include Cold Mtn. as well.
    Be careful, it is true wilderness & there are no trail blazes in Shining Rock, so know your map. Looking forward to a good trip report and plenty of pics! Have fun!
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    you could do a loop in The Shining Rock Wilderness Downhill from Black Balsam Knob thru the Graveyard Ridge trail toTrail 607 to trail 357 take it to the Big East parking area then take Trail 363 back uphill to the Art Loab trail. Be sure to loop back to Black Balsam Knob the Art Loeb trail in this section is mostly above the tree line with great views. I did that loop in January of 2006 it was rugged but worth it. Only saw day hikers on the Graveyard Ridge trail but no one else.

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